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A Playboy Girl

Majority of women nowadays are being subconsciously (and it is even worse) influenced by Hollywood (or in Asia by Bollywood) and its illusion of ‘romantic love’ which is being efficiently spread and presented in the media and put forward as a trend.Just like men, who are in more and more effective ways subconsciously programmed to believe an illusion which I gave work title ‘A Playboy Girl’ (even though I should have put this right and named it ‘A Picture of Playboy Girl’).

In the times, when owning a copy of playboy magazine would be prosecuted (but the worn copies were circulated the more, and ripped off pages picturing playboy girls were hung and glued on to inner locker door sides of majority of men in this country), I’ve noticed that those curvaceous naked girls never had any freckles, birthmarks, let alone extra fat folds anywhere on their bodies.

By the way, playboy magazine has been a big temptation and was read by many and therefore had to be smuggled into the country (and was often confiscated by the customs officers).Once in 70´s, during my temporary job as a secretary for legal department of Print Media Import Institution by paradox and for the hypocritical regime typically I used to remind due payment of Playboy magazine subscription not only to numerous companies or even ministries but also such institutions as the Science Academy.Surely, evolution programmed men to be responsive to curves (our brain reacts the more the curvier those curves are) and contrary to women, who are getting their feeling of satisfaction by receiving one and a hundred of gifts and attention, men get easily satisfied just by a woman being naked. However the current over flooding of curvaceous nakedness in perfect colours is extraordinarily contra productive from many aspects (individuals and society).


These days you can see kiosks flooded with gigantic breasts (poor women!) and eyes and brains of men are being satisfied in many ways, however only virtually! In reality not much has changed, thus leaving men and women mutually disappointed. Men (and boys) programmed by Playboy are most likely to meet with nakedness that is not retouched, untidy, marked by freckles, birthmarks, wrinkles and fat folds!Photos of the playmates are always thoroughly arranged and most of all retouched (believe it or not, by using modern digital technologies you can quite literally make beach superstar out of a witch!), and all her birthmarks, all the bad shots or inappropriately looking bits are easy to remove and leave out. Whereas in real life men under long term influence of this ideal prototype of women’s beauty are being rightfully disappointed: their (programmed) minds were expecting a Playboy girl and the reality is just ordinary, with freckles and fat folds.

But to take it from the other side, I have to say that also girls get quite disappointed, too because that men by their side not only aren’t princes charming riding their white horses but they look nothing like the trendy American or Czech film ‘playboys’. I’m not blaming anyone, just making a point. And I’m asking those who should have this included in their job role: where and how should all girls learn what it means to be a woman, that men are different and that watching Hollywood movies could program their minds and themselves (without even realizing it) to certain future disappointment in love or marriage? And to get to the original point – where and how should mothers of lovers and husbands of Czech women learn that it is them who make them ‘real men’? Where else can teenage boys learn for example that women are completely different to them and that they relax by talking, and that they have ten times more sensitive skin all over their bodies making it a lifetime lesson to be learnt on how to touch a woman?And then let’s add to it all the current over flooding of erotic and porn movies (that can be bought in specialized bookstores or adult stores) and first few years of private owned national television included regular Saturday night erotic show (you have to realize that one second of watching such playmate is not just one retouched and perfect young girl but twenty-five of those girls per second, which are registered as one continuous movement rather than separate shots). From all that, we only get disbalance between the expectation and following disappointment of women and men of one another, and also hidden reasons for increasing aggressiveness, number of divorces and home violence as well as increasing number of well established psychologists and advisors (or their superficial variations appearing in media).

The minds of Playboy influenced men (as well as Hollywood influenced women) are logically expecting that the feeling of being in love will be there forever (I meant that hormonal revolution in one’s body and the total infatuation in the other person). Consequentially, it is logical and easy to foresee that they will get disappointed. Then blaming each other (or himself/herself) comes into play and an intensive hunt for another ideal partner can begin, and so on and so forth, which can only end up in just more disappointments.

On top of everything, the picture of Playboy girl is a ‘safe option’: never asks for anything and if needed is always “at hand”.

And who’s profiting out of it? It’s mostly the manufacturers and publishers of erotic magazines, TV shows, condoms, sex toys and dating services.And who’s the one to suffer? Well, it’s all the disappointed people and the whole society for following next generations.

Please understand, I don’t appeal to ban Playboy magazine or any erotic TV shows. I am merely warning that they can be and are abused and what risks and consequences there are for those men and women.